Articles in Media

Road to Effective Governance (Governance Now, June 2015)

The Joy of Sharing (Governance Now, May 2015)

WiFi: The New Roti, Kapada Aur Makaan (Governance Now, April 2015)

Taking A Cue From the Corporate World (Governance Now, March 2015)

Seamless Flow of Info will Make RTI Redundant  (Governance Now, January 2015)

Efficiency in Governance is Desirable, Achievable (Governance Now, December 2014)

Cloud computing: Driver of flexibility and efficiency (Moneycontrol, November 2014)

Online Pricing: The Dilemma before Electronic Brands (The Economic Times, May 2014)

GST: Why Modi chose to put the blame on IT? (The Economic Times, March 2014)

Approach of using newer solutions a recurring theme of UPA-I and UPA-II (The Economic Times, February 2014)

CIO: The Split Personality (The Economic Times, January 2014)

IT is not Newton’s Law (The Economic Times, January 2014)

Get real with content marketing (Exchange4media, May 2013)

Infosys 3.0 strategy is not the problem; it could be the solution (DNA, April 2013)

The Other E-commerce Guys (Product Nation, April 2013)

A case for “developing models’ of sustainability (Sustainuance, February 2013)

Open Data nowhere near its true potential as key players missing (DNA, February 2013)

Budget should endorse Cloud to change game  (DNA, February 2013)

Should Corporations bother about Sustainability? (Sustainuance, December 2012)

Why Sustainability must be a Value? (Sustainuance, November 2012)

Is Stress on Measurability Diluting Sustainability Efforts? (Sustainuance, October 2012)

Facebook Marketing: Marketers have got it wrong. So what? (India Digital Review, October 2012)

Sibal’s Supercomputer Dream: Putting It in Perspective (Dataquest, September 2012)

Exclusion of E-commerce from Multi-brand Retail: Discrimination Against the Smaller Cities? (India Digital Review, September 2012)

Citizen’s Database: Is Chidambaram Speaking BJP’s Language? (Dataquest, July 2012)

Succession Planning: Some hiccups, but Indian IT shows the way (IANS, June 2011)

Can Kamath, the risk taker, change the de-risking mindset in Infosys? (IANS, May 2011)

What exactly is the Unique ID project? (CIOL, June 2009)

Worries or queries? Which way will IT go at Nasscom? (DNA, February 2009)

Satyam episode will impact credibility of IT firms (DNA, January 2009)

Infrastructure management needs a bricks-and-clicks approach (DNA, June 2008)

STPI scheme and tax holidays: The two are not synonymous (DNA, May 2008)

A Brief History of Call Center Pull-backs from India (Dr Dobb’s, June 2006)

Who flattened my world? (InformationWeek, July 2005)


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