The Manifesto

I am an old-fashioned romantic at heart. I love technology, numbers, and words equally passionately. That is why I often get pained to see how many of those “champions” of technology exploit it so heartlessly.

This blog tries, in its own small way, to give technology a place in our hearts. Its objective is to see that the users do not get intimidated by the so-called know-alls who, as Oscar Wilde said, know the cost of everything and the value of nothing. It aspires that that all those associated with technology think of it as a creative medium of expression, rather than a tool.

Let the conventional wisdom be damned. Let the ideas take over.


3 responses to “The Manifesto

  1. Srinivas

    Shyamanuja, Waiting for you piece on the lat music composer Ravi. Probably you were one of few journalists who met him a few months before his demise.

  2. shyamanuja

    But that will be in my other blog,

  3. shyamanuja

    Wrong spelling above, nothingtodeclare,in

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