About Me

These are some of the things that interest me. Some of them, I do for a living (doesn’t mean I do not love them). There are others that I just love and hence devote considerable time (does mean that I do not make any significant money from those).

  • Writing on ICT, new economy
  • Business Research (Secondary, B2B research)
  • Exploratory Research (Secondary, qualitative research, data analysis)
  • Data Journalism and open data
  • Advising on Thought Leadership Marketing
  • Researching and occasionally writing on Indian music, mostly old Hindustani cine sangeet
  • Odia books: reading for sure, researching once in a while
  • Connecting ideas, people and numbers
  • Reading on music, arts, philosophy, mythology, business, technology, sociology, Odisha history and many more
  • Writing poems in Odia and English

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